News & Notes


October 1, 2021           By Joseph R. Billings and John H. Parke


“It is undeniable that there is (and long has been) a housing supply and affordability crisis in California.”

Ventura Court Of Appeal Affirms Sriracha Fraud Verdict

August 24, 2021           By  James M. Sweeney


“Parties may not avoid liability for fraud simply because they leave to implication what they clearly intend to communicate.”

Bench and Bar Relations – A Year in Review

January 1, 2021           By  Ian L. Elsenheimer


Each year, the Santa Barbara County Bar Association (SBCBA) and the Santa Barbara Superior Court jointly hold four Bench and Bar Meetings. These quarterly meetings provide members of our local legal community with an opportunity to engage in an informal dialogue with the Presiding Judge over a variety of legal and logistical issues.

Tessa Kaplan has Joined The Firm

December 20, 2020


Allen & Kimbell, LLP continues to grow, and we are pleased to announce that recent U.C. Davis School of Law graduate Tessa Kaplan has joined the firm. Her practice will focus on estate planning, and trust and estate administration.

Propositions 15 and 19 Could Reshape California Real Property Tax Law

October 1, 2020           By  David E. Graff


Proposition 13, approved by California voters in 1978, amended the Constitution of California with sweeping changes to California’s tax laws. Proposition 13 is embodied in Article XIII A of California’s Constitution, which is, in turn, embodied in California Revenue and Tax Code Sections 50 through 100.96.

David E Graff

David E. Graff has been made a partner at the firm

February 10, 2020


Allen & Kimbell, LLP is pleased to announce that David E. Graff has been made a partner at the firm. Admitted to the bar in 2004, David has been practicing law for the past ten years at Allen & Kimbell. A dual certified specialist in Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Law, as well as Taxation Law, David is equipped to advise clients in estate planning, trust administration, and tax planning.

In The Chumash Wilderness

July 1, 2017           By  James M. Sweeney


The highest peaks near the confluence of Santa Barbara, Ventura, and Kern Counties form the ridge of Mount Abel, Grouse Mountain, Sawmill Mountain, and Mount Piños. Recently, a group of Allen & Kimbell attorneys, along with friends and family, explored those peaks.