Culture Statement

At Allen & Kimbell we take pride in our ability to handle complex, difficult legal matters and to deliver high quality work product for our clients.


We have built an outstanding reputation in our community and among our peers because we are committed to upholding this standard.  We are only able to meet this standard because we value the people we work with as much as the people we work for.  For both our clients and our co-workers, we value respectful and responsive communication.


We use teamwork to achieve the highest quality results for our clients, which requires strategic thinking and good judgment.  Our ability to trust and appreciate each other is critical to doing our best work.  We are committed to hard work, but we also recognize that balancing our work and home lives enables us to perform at our peak.  We are accountable to each other if we fail to meet our own standards.  We believe we are the most successful with our clients when we approach our work as a team with integrity and heart.

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